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Needs Support

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Durga pujo 2010

Happy Dura Pujo Festival

Welcome To All to enjoy Pujo of Bongaon

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Bongaon A Green , Fresh . international Border , tips

Bongaon daily Life

Geography of Bongaon

Bangaon is located at [show location on an interactive map] 23°04′N 88°49′E / 23.07°N 88.82°E / 23.07; 88.82. It has an average elevation of 7 metres (22 feet). It is the last station on the Sealdah-Bangaon section of Eastern Railway, 77 km from Sealdah Station.It is part of the Kolkata Suburban Railway system. The Sealdah – Bangaon railway was built between 1882 and 1884.

Geo-political significance of Bongaon

Bongaon has border with Bangladesh. In Bongaon it is called Petrapole and in the Bangladesh side it is called Benapole. It is the most favoured road check post. The Indian Railway has started a weekly goods rail transport of 35 wagons, Sonar Bangla, from Bongaon. It was started by the then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee under the NDA government. The route was established in 1884 and the Barisal Express operated passenger services till 1947. After the partition, a mixed service (passenger and goods) continued till the Indo- Pakistan war of 1965. With the creation of Bangladesh, the goods train service was reintroduced for two years from 1972 but again closed for lack of goods. India and Bangladesh signed an agreement in July last to re- establish the train link. This was in line with the initiatives of the previous BNP Government, which formed a committee in 1994 to assess the feasibility. Officials said the route would cut short 63 km compared to the Darshana-Gethe track to Dhaka and facilitate smooth traffic of 7 lakh metric tonnes of expected import-export items in a year. According to the agreement, goods train from both sides would be allowed at Benapole and Petrapole from where the Bangladesh Railway and the Indian Railway would take wagons of their counterparts to the destination.Petrapole Border is the most Profitable Border among the whole Indo-Bangladesh border. Most Business of Bangladesh come from this Bordeer.

Climate of Bongaon

* Rainfall - 1,579mm(normal)
* Temperature - Max 41 °C in May and Min 10 °C in January
* Relative Humidity - Between 50% in March & 90% in July
* Soil Status - varies from sandy to clay loam
* Ratio of Land - High:Medium:Low = 17:44:39

River of Bongaon

Ichamati River goes through the Bongaon Subdivision.

Demographics of Bongaon

As of 2001[update] India census, Bangaon had a population of 102,115. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Bangaon has an average literacy rate of 76%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 55% of the males and 45% of females literate. 10% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Education of Bongaon

Among the schools, the Bongaon High School for boys (phone number - 03215 255144) and Kumudini Girls School for girls are one of the most sought after by students, though there are other good schools.By the way another high school Bongaon Kabi Kesheblal Vidyapith for Boys also has a good educational background. Bongaon has a college named Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya affiuliated to Calcutta University (Phone Number - 03215 255044).The name of the other Important schools are, Kabikashablal Vidya Pith,Saktigarh High school,Gourisundari Balika Vidyalaya etc

Road of Bongaon

National Highway No. 35 goes through the Bongaon Subdivision. "Chakdah Road" is the connector/Bypass between NH-34 and NH-35.

In sports and cultural activities Bongaon is very well in the State. There are many Playing grounds in Bongaon like

1. Bongaon Stadium
2. Prataphgarh maydan
3. Subash Pally's Math
4. BDO office's Play ground.
5.playground of R.S.
6.Aponjone 'r math

Football and Cricket are the main game of Bongaon.Vollyball ,Batminton arte also populer .......
Stadium is the main ground of Bongaon. Here mostly cricket and Football matches takes place. Other Fields are the Cricket Ground. Prataphgarh is main Cricket Ground. which is situated opposite of Bongaon Sub divisional Hospital.

Birthplace of Bongaon

Bongaon is the Birth place of famous novelist Bibhuti Bhusan Bandhopadhyay. His novel "Panther Pachali" was picturised by Satyajit Ray which was acknowledged & awarded nationally & internationally.His others novels like "Apur Sansar", "Aparajit" etc are also very famous. The house of Bibhuti Bhusan in Barackpore [5km away from the heart of the town] is a tourist place.Bongaon is also the birthplace of famous historian Rakhal Das Bandhopadhyay, who discovered "Harappa & Mahenjodaro" civilization on the bank of "sindhu" river. His house in Bongaon [near Patrapole] is also a tourist place.

The Old house of Bibhuti Bhusan Bandhopadhyay.

Healthcare of Bongaon

Bongaon has a Government aided Hospital namely Dr. J. R. Dhar Sub Divisional Hospital.It has 200 beds and 30 doctors. As most of the people of this region are Below Poverty Line they get free treatments here. Some leading doctors of Bongaon are Dr. Ashim Kr. Kundu(MD), Dr. Joydeb Mukherjee(MD), Dr. Nitish Biswas(MD), Dr. Tushar Kanti Biswas (DA,Presently he is in a hospital of North Bengal, also practicing in Bongaon for 1 week of every month),Dr. M N Roy(MS), Dr. U P Das(MD) and many more. There are some private Nursing Homes in Bongaon.

Main Festival of Bongaon

"Durga Puja" is the main festival of Bengali. Some other important Festivals of the Bengali People are "Kali puja","Biswakarma Puja","Lokenath Puja", "Saraswati Puja" etc.

communication of Bongaon :
Train route: Bongaon From Sealdah {kolkata}
bass route: Jossore Road and Chakdah Road

Nearest Megacity ; Kolkata
Nearest Town : chakdah Habra Barasat Basirhat
Nearest International Border : Bongaon Patrapole

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